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An African First: Namibia Goes Full Electronic Voting

Konye Obaji Ori | The Africa Report   in  ·
December 2, 2014

Namibia will become the first African nation to use an electronic voting system, as it prepares to elect a new president and a record number of women in government.

Despite disapproval of the use of the electronic ballot from some political parties, Namibian Windhoek High Court ruled that e-ballots will be used.

According to reports, around 1.2 million Namibians are eligible to cast their ballots at nearly 4,000 electronic voting stations across the country.

While the use of e-ballots is a landmark in Namibia’s history, some political parties argue that the use of the made in India e-ballots could make rigging even easier.

The e-ballots were introduced, the government says, to make Namibia’s democracy more accessible.


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