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Amharic: Not Just for Ethiopians Anymore

Snetsehay Assefa | Addis Fortune   in  · ·
January 14, 2015

Lawrence Square, 31, born in Alabama, US is the CEO of Karay Golf Ethiopia. He is engaged in the business of promoting golf tournaments and building golf centers, which led him to live his life shuffling between DC and Addis Abeba. He does business with a lot of Ethiopians where the Amharic language can come in handy for better business communication and social engagements, stated Lawrence.

Because of the number of requests from people that want to study Amharic, personal and small group classes have been set up by various language schools to meet the demand, according to Henok Yibeltal, deputy manager of English Zone Language School. For the past nine years, English Zone has been giving Amharic as well as other language courses in its two branches across Addis Abeba.


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