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All You Have to Say Is ‘Food,’ and You’ve Got My Vote! Check Out This Ethiopian Chef!

April 15, 2015

While working as a chef in top hotels in the US and Europe, Yohanis Hailemariam was subjected to surprising comments related to the 1980s famine in Ethiopia. Some people even suggested that hunger had inspired his career.
Hailemariam returned to Ethiopia and started Antica Restaurants & Farm 11 years ago with the hopes of using his culinary skills to change perceptions about Ethiopia.
“It’s not really that those comments touched me, because I never really experienced hunger in my childhood. I have always seen food everywhere, tasty food actually. I realised the only way you can actually change an image is within – the people themselves saying we have more to offer than just what the media is talking about.”
His passion for cooking was inspired by his mother. “She loved cooking and was always cooking. She even cooked for her wedding before changing into her gown,” says Hailemariam…


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