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Africa’s Arches (Prepare to Be Amazed)

Anton Crone | Africa Geographic Magazine   in 
December 16, 2014

In February 2015, five rangers from Chad’s Zakouma National Park and the operations manager of DRC’s Garamba National Park will travel to the Ennedi Plateau to run the gruelling Le Treg ultramarathon. Their number is significant as they run in memory of six Zakouma rangers killed by poachers in 2012. Jean Labuschange, previously a volunteer in Zakouma and now Garamba’s operations manager, is one of the runners. ‘We want to show our support for the ‘boots on the ground’, as well as commemorate the rangers that have given their lives conserving the wild places of Africa,’ she says. ‘Rangers collectively walk thousands of kilometres every day on patrol. We would like to run 90km for them.’


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