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African Leaders Tackle Burkina Faso Crisis

Al Jazeera   in 
November 5, 2014

African leaders are meeting to pressure the Burkina Faso army into keeping its promise to hand power back to civilians within a fortnight after the fall of president Blaise Compaore.

Lieutenant-Colonel Isaac Zida, the interim leader appointed by military, told unions on Tuesday that he would return the country to civilian rule, a day after the African Union threatened sanctions if the army did not give up power.

The presidents of Ghana, Nigerian and Senegal arrived in Burkina Faso on Wednesday to press the issue, as Canada suspended its aid to the impoverished West African country and other nations considered similar moves.

The military had filled the power vacuum left by Compaore, who was forced to resign last week after 27 years in power, chased out by a violent popular uprising that some had likened to the Arab Spring.

France said it helped facilitate the evacuation of Compaore saying it was necessary to prevent a “bloodbath” in the former French colony.


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