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African Leaders Sit Down with American Investors

Mark Landler | New York Times   in  ·
August 6, 2014

President Obama convened a giant game of “Let’s Make a Deal” between the United States and Africa on Tuesday, bringing together nearly 50 African leaders with American investors for what he promised would be a long-term partnership that went beyond extracting “minerals from the ground for our growth.”

For Mr. Obama, the son of a Kenyan economist, it was the centerpiece of a three-day summit meeting of African leaders — some close allies of the United States, others barely on speaking terms — that is the president’s most ambitious attempt to cement his legacy as an American leader who cares about the African continent.

“Our entire trade with all of Africa is still only about equal to our trade with Brazil,” the president said. “I want Africans buying more American products; I want Americans buying more African products. I know you do, too, and that’s what you’re doing today.”


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