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In Celebration of African Independence

July 1, 2015

Through the month of July a number of countries in Africa celebrate their own Independence Days alongside the U.S.A. Of the 54 countries present in Africa, every single one has experienced the negative effects of European colonization at some point in history, whether it be centuries of oppression or just a minor invasion from the West. Consequently, Liberation Day celebrations are taken quite seriously in African countries, with citizens from each place coming together to commemorate the events in their own unique way. Of the nine countries that have Independence Days in July, Somalia, Rwanda, and Burundi are the first to jubilate, each country celebrating 50 years of freedom on July 1st.

Somalia Celebrations


The Republic of Somalia, which was once divided into two colonies governed by Italy and Britain, gained independence on July 1st, 1960, when both areas united under a new name. Each year, the country celebrates its emancipation with Independence Day festivities, commemorating the beginning of the new nation with parades and performances. These kinds of revelries often include political speeches, the hoisting of the country’s flag, the singing of the national anthem, and involvement in the vibrant city parade.
 Rawanda Celebrations
Rwanda’s Liberation Day is a nation-wide holiday that marks the country’s emancipation from Belgium on July 1st, 1962, after nearly five decades of colonialist rule. Though this holiday is celebrated every year in Rwanda, the country’s Golden Jubilee event took place in 2012 – commemorating the country’s 50th Independence Day – and was held in Kigali’s Amahoro National Stadium, providing thousands of citizens with entertainment in the form of musical performances, parades, military marches, and a speech from the country’s president, Paul Kagame.
Along with Rwanda, Burundi also became emancipated from Belgium on July 1st, 1962, and the country annually honors the turmoil its people endured to win their freedom. Like its sister country, Rwanda, Burundi celebrates with a plethora of activities, including speeches from political leaders, military parades, gymnastic performances, musical performances and dancing. Brundi Drummers


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