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African Diet May Lead Away from Colon Cancer

Sindya N. Bhanoo | New York Times   in 
May 9, 2015

A change in diet for just two weeks alters gut bacteria in ways that may reduce risk of colon cancer, according to a new study in Nature Communications.

Researchers asked 20 African-Americans in Pittsburgh and 20 rural South Africans to switch diets for two weeks. The Americans ate a traditional African diet, high in fiber and low in fat, with plenty of fruits, vegetables, beans and cornmeal, and very little meat.

The Africans ate the equivalent of American fast food — a diet high in fat with generous quantities of meat and cheese.

“We made them fried chicken, burgers and fries,” said Stephen J. D. O’Keefe, a gastroenterologist at the University of Pittsburgh and one of the study’s authors. “They loved it.”


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