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African Dances From A to Z   in  ·
July 31, 2014

Enjoy the beautiful performances of plenty of African dances, from A to Z. The Dance Hall, an urban dances centre in Dakar, Senegal, released this joyful demonstration.

The performers do manage to prove their skill with many different styles and dances.
Featured: azonto, bolo, coupé décalé, dialgati, ëpukay, flékélé, funana, gweta, hapingo, ikoku, jazzé, kizomba, logobi, mulay ceuguin, ndem, oriental, pantsula, rass, rimbaxpaxpax, sabar, skelewu, taracha, thiaxagün, vooga, wati dance, xeccël mbalu jënn, youza and zoropoto!


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