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African Artists Urge French-Speakers to Act on Ebola

Daily Mail   in  ยท
December 1, 2014

A collective of 20 African artists is calling on leaders gathering at summit of French-speaking nations in Senegal to make the Ebola crisis their top priority.

The International Organisation of French-Speakers, founded in 1970 with the ambition to be a “French Commonwealth”, meets every two years, and Ebola is expected to dominate the 15th summit in Dakar from Saturday.

The group, including Malian musicians Amadou and Mariam and Burkinabe rapper Smockey, addressed the summit in an open letter entitled “Ebola: every passing day erodes our hope” published by various media outlets from Wednesday.

“As we write this letter, thousands of health professionals are painstakingly trying to save people affected by Ebola virus, sometimes at the expense of their own lives,” they said.


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