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Africa: 6 Myths About Travelling Africa

Valerie Bowden | Geeska Afrika   in 
May 6, 2015

After the spate of xenophobic attacks, the warnings to South Africans in ‘foreign’ African countries and the general anxiety expressed about travel in Africa I thought this newsletter written by Valerie Bowden who traveled from Cape Town to Cairo, on her own, using only public transport – to be appropriate – Steuart Pennington.

In 2013, I backpacked from Cape Town to Cairo by myself using only public transportation.

I still remember before I went the desperate pleas from my mother begging me not to go – well, not just her, everybody I knew was concerned. My grandmother thought I would be eaten by a lion. My friends were confused, ‘Why can’t you just do the normal travel Europe thing?’ My coworkers said things like, ‘We just hope we don’t see you on the television,’ implying that my inevitable death would be so tragic I would make international news.

By the time I left I was almost as convinced as they were that I’d be shot during tribal crossfire, catch an unpronounceable disease, or be afflicted by whatever other scenario Hollywood always depicts Africa as being.


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