About Us

Our Journey Begins

Welcome to the official website of The Africa Channel, a television network offering viewers over 1600 hours of HD Award Winning Television Programming from the African continent — shows never before seen on U.S. television.

The Africa Channel is a showcase for the African continent’s most outstanding English language television series, specials, documentaries, feature films, music, soaps, biographies, current business analysis, cultural and historical programs. These programs reflect the people of Africa, their incredible stories, their daily lives, their music and art, their successes, celebrations and challenges.

Our Mission? To open up a daily window into modern African life and, in the process, help demystify Africa for American viewers.

For the first time on U.S. television, American audiences can connect with an aspect of Africa that has eluded them until now – urban Africa, coming to life on a daily basis and presented in a way that American TV viewers have come to appreciate and understand. The Africa Channel will transport you into a world filled with rich cultures, heart-stopping adventures, emotional human dramas and award-winning entertainment programming. Then there is the music, with all of the richness, texture and tradition of the countless musical cultures found on the African Continent. Following in the footsteps of such music legends as Miriam Makeba and Salief Keita is a whole new generation of artists poised for similar commercial success. The Africa Channel will introduce these new artists through music videos, live performances and the Africa Channel’s exclusive roster of VJ’s.

From News, Information and International Affairs, to Travel, Lifestyle and Leisure; From Soaps to Documentaries to Music, there’s something for everyone on The Africa Channel!