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A New Film Studio Grows in Uganda – Wakaliwood

Tambay Obensen | Shadow & Act   in  ·
May 4, 2015

When it comes to filmmaking, I’ve always been a proponent for making do with what you’ve got! The less resources available to you, the more resourceful and creative you must become. You may not make your masterpiece, but I think it’s better to remain active, constantly writing, shooting, directing, editing, etc, by any means necessary, than to spend years in a search for funds that may, or may never come.

And while Ugandan filmmaker Isaac Nabwana likely won’t be winning any Oscars soon for his work, you’ve got to be inspired by his energy, his drive, his resourcefulness, his will to succeed in pursuing his dreams of becoming an action movie director. With 40 or so features to his credit, long time readers of this blog will probably remember his most popular work which was dubbed Uganda’s first action film, titled “Who Killed Captain Alex” – the insanely fun, and hilarious flick that was loaded with nutty action sequences, and entry-level special effects.


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