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A New Fashion Nude: Nubian Skin

Khanyo Olwethu Mjamba | THIS IS AFRICA   in  ·
September 14, 2014

Most would agree that the fashion world puts pale skin in a ubiquitous position. From cosmetics to haute couture, ideas of beauty lean heavily towards Eurocentricism. A new UK-based ladies’ underwear brand has joined the movement that wants to change all of that

The creation of the ‘white’ look as the norm has, over many years, resulted in many cosmetic concerns that plague black people the world over. Corrosive chemicals for straightening afros and skin-lightening creams are but a few of these.

For a long time, the fashion and beauty industries have catered for a white clientele, instilling whiteness as a ‘standard’ to be attained. The usage of the word ‘nude’ to describe a colour that closely fashions itself on European skin has further instilled this into the minds of consumers. Major skincare brands like Dove have been chastised for implying that pale skin is normal, even though many “dark skin”-ned people use its products.


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