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A 2014 Web Roundup (by the Best Named Website IOHO)

Elliot Ross | Africa is a Country   in  · ·
January 6, 2015

Over the years we’ve developed a somewhat undeserved reputation as purveyors of angry hatchet-jobs. We do our share of take-downs, but most of our content isn’t really like that, even if it’s the snark that often pulls in the most readers. When we’re rude about someone, it’s usually because that seems like a fitting and sincere response to some genuine, oppressive BS. On Friday, we rounded up our favorite books of 2014, to help you through the holidays, and today it’s time for a digest of some of the best writing we’ve had on AIAC this year. These posts didn’t always make the biggest splash, but all of them are well worth reading, sharing, and returning to. Here, in no particular order, are some gems from 2014 on AIAC. This isn’t an exhaustive run-down, share your picks in the comments.


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