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9 Zimbabwean Teens Who Will Shape the Nation With or Without You

Thandi Chindove | Kalabash   in  · ·
January 28, 2015

From app developers to leaders in sports, politics and fashion, these young lights will define tomorrow’s Zimbabwe.

Kuziva Mutsvangwa, 16
Faced by a ‘flipped classroom’ structure and a gap which left he and his fellow students struggling to communicate with teachers, Kuziva and his team are developing the Schooly app to solve that problem and give the students a voice on how they learn.

“We always talk about changing stuff that we like, or don’t like, into something bigger and better so when the opportunity came to do that, I feel like we all just jumped on,” Kuziva said. They designed a ‘real-time teacher-student’ communication which ensures students can be in touch with teachers in an approved and appropriate manner outside school.

Inspired by technological pioneers like Mark Zuckerberg and Kevin Systrom, he and his team are working towards enriching academia through the use of technology. He hopes to launch the app in the near future, distributing it to schools around Zimbabwe to impact the school system and bring pride to the nation.

“I hope I can be that guy who can enable all Zimbabweans to have pride…and grant them the ability to fly their Zimbabwean flags high.”


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