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8 Must-Do Things for First-Timers in Lagos

Onnaedo Okafor |   in 
May 28, 2015

As the commercial capital of the most populous black nation in the world, the city of Lagos is not without its fair share of colourful idiosyncrasies.

Between the constantly blaring horns and the street hawkers who sell everything from mobile phones to condiments for a steaming pot of soup, there are several things that set this fast-paced city apart from anywhere else in the world.

The parties and events, for one are second to none and in 2013, the Lagos state government reported that Lagosians spend an average of N36 billion (that’s about $17.7 million) on events/parties or owambes as they’re sometimes referred to in these parts.

Indeed, it’s not for nothing that Lagos is jocularly referred to as ‘Eko for show’ and if you’re headed this way, here are 8 things you absolutely must try to earn the status of true Lagosian.


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