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7 Adventures That Will Make You Fall in Love with Traveling in Curaçao

Kristin Tablang | Haute Living   in 
April 5, 2015

One of the ABC islands in the Dutch Caribbean (alongside Aruba and Bonaire), Curaçao—a sliver of land favorably sited off the Sea’s hurricane belt—is chiefly admired for its glistening waters, white sand beaches, and extraordinary reefs.

Haute Living recently paid a trip to the intriguing isle, a sun-soaked melting pot peppered with towering cacti and 150,000 polyglots (many of whom are fluent in as many as five languages, including Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Papiamentu, the local Creole).

Read on for a roundup of must-do’s in Curaçao, guaranteed to make your experience on the island extra sweet (ordushi, as its natives would say).

#1: Explore the storied capital

The streets of Willemstad are flanked by svelte structures just as kaleidoscopic as Curaçao’s roots, toting a showcase of Dutch architecture that’ll make you believe you’re in Amsterdam (though a more exotic form of the Netherlands capital, dashed with Latin flavor). A sparkling inlet known as Sint Anna Bay slices the nation’s metropolis—deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997—into two parts: Punda (“the point”) and Otrobanda (“the other side”).


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