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7 Reasons African Female Directors Rock

Lauren Said-Moorhouse | CNN   in  ·
August 13, 2015

African cinema is booming. The continent is awash with creative minds with a flair for storytelling who are bringing life to local stories and sharing them across the globe — from gripping thrillers and intensely-emotional dramas to celebrations of musical heritage and biopics.

We spoke to seven great female directors from Africa to ask them what they love most about their work — and why you should too.

1. They get to dispel myths and tell a different story

“The single story of an African woman tends to be that she’s poor, she’s struggling, she’s a victim. So I wanted to show the complete opposite of that.” Tired of constantly dealing with such stereotypes and misconceptions, Ghanaian director Nicole Amarteifio decided to create her popular web series “An African City,” which is often referred to as Africa’s answer to “Sex and the City” — the show follows five fabulous women as they return to their native Ghana following several years living abroad.


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