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5 Reasons to Visit Africa With Your Teenager This Summer

Stacey Nelkin | Huffington Post   in 
March 28, 2015

Visiting Africa is a trip of a lifetime.

Granted, it’s not something you can plan at the last minute, and you need to carve out at least 10 days; but other than the airfare, if you go and volunteer, it’s more affordable than you think.

Last summer, my 15-year-old daughter and I embarked on an extraordinary trip together to work with children in a remote village in Tanzania. Getting to spend such quality time with my daughter and experience the beautiful nature of the Tanzanians was a dream come true. Counter to the negative associations we consumers of Western media harbor about Africa of late (Ebola, Boko Harem, malaria, etc.), there’s another side of Africa that truly makes it a fantasy destination for countless others — especially us parents who are looking to enlighten our children through real life experiences with other children from halfway around the world.

Two summers before last, we traveled to Tanzania as a family, through an extremely worthwhile organization — aptly named: Unite the World with Africa and its Unite Tours Service and Safari Programs. We went on safari — and although seeing elephants and lions up close was utterly amazing, the highlight of our trip was visiting some schools and orphanages. While visiting a magnificent place called the Rift Valley Children’s Village, we were told that for students aged fifteen and older, there were mother/daughter volunteer teams that came to work with the children during summer and winter school breaks. For two years, I held that idea in the back of my mind for my girl and me.


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