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5 Reasons to Love NY African Restaurant Week

June 10, 2015

It may have been more honest to title this “I Can’t Be There, So Please Go for Me,” but hopefully after you’ve read it I will have piqued your interest enough for you to mosey on over to the event before its June 14 closing.

Not only can you enjoy great African eats at NY African Restaurant Week, but you can also explore NYC, which, let’s be real, isn’t something you often do as a resident. Okay, it wasn’t something I often did when I lived in NYC, and I regret it now, being miles away. Sticking in one’s hood to explore foods is a norm, but this event gives you a chance to discover new parts of town – and delicious African foods and chefs. What I call a win-win.

From Fort Greene to village eateries, you can get your food on. Do so for those of us stuck in other cities, like me here in Elay, who can’t enjoy this African food fest.

Here are some reasons to love this restaurant week:

1) Because it’s SO New York, but in a good way. NYC is the melting pot of the world, and this event brings together cultures and exchange in a way that is quintessentially NY – food. No shame in not liking something; in NYC it’s all about exploring and trying, and this fest lets you do all that AND fill your belly. Win-win.

2) Ponty Bistro. So many people love this Third Avenue Senegalese restaurant, but you haven’t even tried it, have you? A bit too foreign for your taste? Not sure what French Senegalese Mediterranean cuisine actually entails? Well, head on over and dive in and see what all the talk is about (for me, please!). And if nothing else, you will have a tale about that time you ate at that fab Senegalese spot in Manhattan, thus making you seem more of a New Yorker. And come on, NYC bragging rights to have tried this is a thing.

3) Moroccan food and the Moroccan food experience. Restaurants such as Tagine create meals that combine meats and veggies with flowers and fruits, making for a unique flavor experience. Add hookah pipes and belly dancers, and not only are you having a full-on cultural experience, but a bomb-a** food one. Rose-infused flavors may just become your new favorite.

4) You get to mix and mingle with others who love to explore foods and cultures. Again, there are millions of people in NYC, but those attending these events love African food, culture and people, so you are with like-minded people. You can learn about new spices, new restaurants and chefs, and possibly a new food that is sure to become a favorite.

5) What you don’t know now… that you will love. Sure, it’s always great to go and enjoy spots you love, but the great thing about NY African Restaurant Week is all the places and foods you don’t already know that you will love. Eating with your hands? Flower essence as food ingredient? Bring it!

NYARW: Ponty Bistro


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