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5 Reasons to Care About Ethiopian Airlines Flying Into LAX!

June 20, 2015

Ethiopian Airlines will be flying its aircraft into its own terminal within Los Angeles Airport on the morning of June 20, 2015. This momentous occasion will make some history. Check out the list below for a few facts that will spark your attention!

  • History Is Being Made: It is going to be the first African airline to establish a terminal on the West Coast, within Los Angeles Airport (LAX).
  •  New Planes: Ethiopian Airlines has ordered a total of 13 new 787 Boeing planes and plans to fly the designated flight route, of Addis Ababa to Los Angeles, up to three times a week using a Boeing 787 aircraft.
  •  This is the One-Way Trip You Can’t Imitate: According to Ethiopian Airlines, this will be the only direct flight connecting Africa with Ireland and the West Coast of the United States. In basic terms, this transatlantic flight will be the link to three different continents through one flight trip.
  •  Ethiopian Airlines Is the Number One African Airline: Ethiopian Airlines has been the leader in African aviation for almost 70 years. The airline went on to operate the first jet service on the continent, as well as the first to operate the Boeing 767, Boeing 777, and, more recently, the Boeing 787 aircraft for transatlantic flights.
  •  Fly a New 787 Boeing for Cheap: Who wouldn’t want to take their international trip to the East in a brand new, massively sized luxury aircraft? The flight is the first of its kind, so there will be great promotional rates to scope before booking your next ticket.

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