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5 Must-See Spots in Johannesburg

May 22, 2015

South Africa is filled with a wide range of tastes, occupants and fascinating sights. In this list we will walk you through some of the well-known destinations, as well as some of the hidden locations in the nooks and crannies of the country that we checked out in our series 30 min. tour. Every hot spot on this list is visited by Johannesburg residents and is admired fondly by tourists roaming the country. Get ready to take a tour through the beauty of Johannesburg!


1) A Crab, Ostrich, and Crocodile Walk Into A Bar….Into Sophiatown Bar Lounge, That Is.

This dynamic eatery located in a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa, is known for its concoction of delicate seafood flavors that delights the taste buds of its many local customers and tourists. Sophiatown Bar Lounge is filled with a deep history and authentic ambiance. This tucked-away bar and lounge aims to provide a quality African experience to local residents and amiable tourists alike. A craving for fresh seafood and curious delicacies from the open sea is satisfied in this South African hot spot!

2) Soweto’s Secret Snake Charmer

Among the bustling crowds shopping and dining on Vilakazi Street in Soweto, South Africa, lies the infamous Nambitha restaurant. Nambitha provides services ranging from enjoying plates of delicious soul food, to admiring beautiful artistic pieces from your table, and even holding a live snake! The restaurant is owned by the Vilakazi family, who for ages have passed down recipes to be shared with the people of South Africa. One of Nambitha’s employees made a great deal with a local snake charmer to allow people to interact with these beautiful reptiles after noticing their popularity and attraction on the sidewalks of Soweto.

3) Sandton City is Shopping on Steroids!

Sandton City is one of the most successful business cities in Johannesburg, South Africa. This highly populated city holds a hub of shopping centers that span a great distance and entertain countless people. After a long day of shopping, friends and family can unwind at the Sandton Boutique Hotel and be treated to a delicious dinner by Sandton’s friendly staff. A visit to this fast-moving destination alone is reason enough for a trip to South Africa!

4) Hawaii or Jeffrey’s Bay…. I choose Jay Bay!

Jeffrey’s Bay is home to Dolphin Beach, resorts, hotels, and an unlimited number of surfers. Locals of Jay Bay will tell you that if you are not a surfer, people do not think that you reside within the beautiful beach area. The infamous Walskipper Sea Food Restaurant is the only place to go after a long day of surfing, so everyone goes! All you will need is some garlic butter and a bib, and Jay Bay will provide you with a realm of decadent meals to devour.

5) Hector’s History: A Look Into One Boy’s Experience Of Apartheid

The complete story of the 1976 Soweto uprising is chronicled at the Hector Pieterson Memorial and Museum. The vivid imagery, exhibits and written stories tell the tale of a young boy who lost his life during the student uprising against apartheid. This destination brings a close look into the history, the reformation, and the unity that has swept throughout the country. A walk through this beautiful exhibit is essential to getting a deeper look into the South African ambiance

A visit to any one of these South African hot spots is sure to enhance your experience and your appreciation for this amazing destination. If you do not have a chance to dash away to South Africa, make sure to immerse yourself in the aura of that beautiful country at the annual Food and Wine Festival held in Virginia. The spirit and tastes of South Africa are sure to capture your interest and your heart. As they say in South Africa, go have a “lekker” time!


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