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5 Caribbean Adventures You Didn’t Know You Could Have

April 30, 2015

There are getaways, and then there are amazing things you can do on your getaways to give you bragging rights with friends for a long time. Swimming with pigs? Active volcano touring? Yes, please!

For those of you wanting that kind of punctuation to your trip, this list is for you.

1) The Bahamas is known for exotic white beaches and crystal blue waters. And swimming pigs. Literally. Yup, the archipelago of Exuma is home to Pig Beach, where a bunch of wild pigs could swim right alongside you and the more boring fishes. Tons of legends as to how they got there, but they are there to ensure you won’t have a “boar-ing” time. Tee hee hee.

2) Jamaica is known for its reggae tunes, jerk chicken, and other edible and smoked items (ahem), but it’s at Rick’s Café that Jamaica gives you a real change of mood – if you are prepared to jump off a cliff. You could say the Red Stripe made you do it, but most likely you just wanted to have an unforgettable experience at the site that offers what is called one of the world’s most beautiful sunsets. You can just tell me how it is, cuz even though most people who do it are fine, I will still be observing this one from my cozy chair with drink in hand.

3) And for those that want a bit of history with their side of adventure, Montserrat’s Soufriere Hills volcano hike and tour may be your speed. Yes, it is an actual active volcano you can explore, though it has stabilized, and they do keep vigilant tabs on the threat level. The damage to towns and loss of life in the late 1990s makes this excursion poignant according to many who visit, but the chance to see one of nature’s most beautiful and destructive elements close up, as well as its devastation, is a draw you may just have to experience for yourself.

4) Head to the lush country of Dominica in May, and every Saturday you can take in the incredible interior landscape with hikes at – get this – Hike Fest. Usually something done in solitude or with a few other people, this allows you to get your nature on with other likeminded enthusiasts in one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean.

5) While on Curacao you can not only enjoy the Caribbean sun and environment, but also get a taste of Africa by visiting one of the largest ostrich farms outside the continent and go for a ride. You will not only learn about this amazing animal, but have the ride of your life. Just Google the pictures. They are hilarious.

Even if you’re doing nothing – just sipping on a rum punch taking in the scenery – you’ll find the Caribbean to be amazing, but this list shows how you can take an amazing spot and elevate it to extraordinary.


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