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4 NY African Restaurants: A Foodies Guide

June 11, 2015

So much yum.

So you are a foodie. You can enjoy an entire meal of vegetables, dessert included. Gluten-free was cool with you before it was a big city food fad. And you find raven to be divine. We get it.

However, this NY African Restaurant Week provides you with a chance to not only try and find some new food and spots to love, but to get some expertise in cuisine on the continent. Because really, you need to have bragging rights on all corners of the world, right?

To get you started and pointed in the right direction for your New York African foodie creds, check the below list. But remember, with 54 countries, and 5 buroughs, this is just a basic starter list for NYC. Do report back with new findings, please.

There is the Brooklyn outpost, the original spot, and the Harlem locale for you to chose from, so you’ve got options in different parts of town to enjoy South African foodie talent. “A place of love since 1999,” the Fort Greene spot has been a place for ex-pats and New Yorkers to enjoy some delicious meals. And with the special selection of South African wines, you can also chose from their specialty cocktails with names like the Obama Mama and Kwaito. A foodie haven with a sense of humor, how refreshing.

Le Souk
What happens when two brothers want to get the flavor of North African and Middle Eastern food in a restaurant? Greenwich Village’s Le Souk. You can get amazing Mergeuz and Tagine, however it’s the pastry dessert that I find myself drooling over here from Los Angeles. And not only will you enjoy an amazing meal, you will do so in a restaurant that transports you overseas.

Queen of Sheba
Not only is this place a foodie favorite Ethiopian restaurant, for those of you that prefer breads gluten-free, you can order that as injera bread. I know. This mid-town eatery had me at one persons raving of “delicious rum cake.” Owner and Executive Chef Philipos Mengistu learned how to cook in the 70’s in his families Addis Ababa restaurant, and you get to enjoy the fruits of those labors. And with vegetarian dishes in addition to the meats, you can bring all your foodie-specific friends here, too.

So not only is this Brooklyn restaurant serving authentic Nigerian food, but there is a grocery store for those of you wanting the ingredients to make your favorite dishes at home. AND they deliver. Of course you will judge the jollof rice, fufu and egusi and how good they are, there are meats and fishes that will most likely have you coming back more than once. Because you’ve gotta try it all, right?

Oh, a hard foodies life…


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