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Best Ayiorworth: Meet the Woman Who Lives Up To Her Name

March 28, 2016

Because Amazing People Happen

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It’s rare that a person lives up to their name, but Ugandan Social Entrepreneur Best Ayiorworth does that and more.

At 8-years-old her father died, and when her mother died 5 years later she dropped out of school to care for her seven siblings.

Wanting to help other girls stay in school and avoid her fate, in 2011 she founded Girl Power Micro Lending, that offers capital and credit to start up entrepreneurs. How does this help girls stay in school? Simple, it’s a condition of the loan.

Ayiorworth’s work has supported over 400 women, and with her winning the Anzisha Prize and other support, she hopes to help another 5,000 in the next five years. And then she plans to expand to places outside of Uganda.

From the Anzisha Prize website:

“Personally, I love being educated. I always wished to go to high standards in my education if it was possible. But unfortunately I did not have the chance to go to the level of education I wanted and I stopped at Secondary Four in Uganda,” Ayiorwoth told How we made it in Africa.
I never wanted to stop at that point in my education so it angered me… I would always remind myself that someday when I could, I would ensure that every girl child in my community received the best education they could.”



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