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In Search of West African Soul

Luke Tsai | East Bay Express   in 
June 12, 2015

A Taste of Africa’s new brick and mortar spot serves the best Cameroonian food around. You just have to be patient.

Even self-professed East Bay food experts might forgive themselves if they haven’t heard of A Taste of Africa — Malong Pendar’s Cameroonian popup/catering business/on-again, off-again restaurant that recently reemerged at a new brick-and-mortar location in the Bancroft-Fairfax district of East Oakland.

Pendar has been around for what seems like forever (or as close to forever as most popups ever get), yet has mostly escaped notice by the somewhat insular world of Bay Area food blogs and restaurant PR flacks. But ask a random dude in line at a downtown Oakland club where Pendar happens to be slinging plates of fried tilapia and fragrant jollof rice, or one of the ladies hawking jewelry at the Ashby Flea Market, where the Bay Area native has been a weekend fixture since the early Nineties, and there’s a decent chance he or she will tell you this: that Pendar makes some of the most delicious food you’ll find anywhere in the East Bay.


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