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Africa’s Top 7 E-Commerce-Friendly Countries

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December 21, 2014

As Internet penetration rapidly spreads across Africa, e-commerce represents huge potential that has previously been untapped, says Africa Internet Group (AIG), which has ranked Africa’s top seven e-commerce friendly countries.

According to McKinsey and Co. consumer facing industries in Africa are predicted to grow by over $400 million in 2020, says AIG. This includes e-commerce, which is gaining momentum throughout the region, it adds.

AIG, which has nine active companies in more than 25 countries across Africa, has evaluated the top seven countries for technology and e-commerce growth in the region, with the help of independent studies, field surveys and research.

It has also made use of McKinsey’s iGDP measure, which looks at the percentage that e-commerce contributes to country’s economies. AIG has listed the top African countries where iGDP is significant:

This country leads the pack in Africa with an iGDP of 3.3%. Initiatives like the Jjiguene Tech Hub โ€“ Jjiguene means “woman” in Wolof โ€“ are designed by women for women in Senegal, it aims to help women enter the world of IT driven businesses. The potential for this initiative has been recognised by a number of investors including IT giant Microsoft.

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