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11 Times Solange was Pro Black and You Missed It

Herw G. Duenas | Powerful Black Stories   in 
April 24, 2015

Solange Knowles has been extremely vocal throughout her career. Recently she sat down with Lawrence Parker and spoke about her opinions on the recent events in the black community. It is imperative for us to celebrate those celebrities who chose to show solidarity with us despite their chance of being “Black Mailed” from society and their peers. I have compiled some parts of that interview with her personal tweets to bring you this list. Here are some of my favorite Solange “Pro Black” moments!

1. My favorite Pro Black Solange moment is often over looked although it’s the most emulated. Solange’s wedding stance was not by any means an accident! She chose this stance to pay homage to the African stance performed by the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Taharqa, this pose symbolizes solidarity and togetherness.


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