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10 Braai-Worthy African and Caribbean Restaurants in DC

August 6, 2015

Washington D.C., synonymous with public policy and political pundits also has another reputation, unbeknownst to casual visitors. In 2012, a study at Penn State concluded that Washington DC ranked the as the 4th ‘Most Diverse Metro Area’ in the nation. And according to The Washington Post, in 2014 DC ranked as one of the top locations for African immigrants with Ethiopians, Ghanaians, and Nigerians leading the pack.

All this to say, DC is a dream for the Afro-foodie with options from all over the continent! We scoured social media and online reviews for the best of the best and came to the conclusion that these ten DC eateries are definitely braai-worthy!


1. Swahili Village

Cuisine: East African

Must-try dish: Grilled goat

10_Swahili Village

(Photo courtesy of @githongobiggie, Instagram)


2. Nando’s Peri Peri

Cuisine: South African

Must-try dish: Peri Peri Chicken (it’s world-famous)


(Photo courtesy of @_kellybellyjelly, Instagram)


3. Dukem Ethiopian Restaurant

Cuisine: Ethiopian

Must-try dish: Dukem Special Tibbs


(Photo courtesy of @rogi87, Instagram)


4. Merkamo Ethiopian Restaurant

Cuisine: Ethiopian

Must-try dish: Merkamo kitfo


(Photo courtesy of @superdarian, Instagram)


5. Bukom Restaurant

Cuisine: West African

Must-try dish: jollof, plantains, chicken, and stew


(Photo courtesy @tedgatsby, Instagram)


6. Unforgettable Flavors

Cuisine: Jamaican

*Must-try dish: Brown Stew Red Snapper

10_Unforgettable Flavors

(Photo courtesy @unforgettable2214, Instagram)


7. Mi Cuba Café

Cuisine: Cuban

*Must-try dish: Lechon, congri, and platanos maduros

10_Mi Cuba Cafe

(Photo courtesy of @marimanoog, Instagram)


8. Aburi Gardens

Cuisine: Ghanaian

*Must-try dish: spinach stew with goat and plantains


(Photo courtesy @jae_rabbit_31, Instagram)


9. Andrene’s Caribbean & Soul Food Carryout

Cuisine: Caribbean

*Must-try dish: oxtail, plantains and collard greens


(Photo courtesy of @kennedystreetnw, Instagram)


10. Fettoosh

Cuisine: Moroccan

*Must-try dish: Chicken shwarma platter


(Photo courtesy @sul6any, Instagram)


(Featured image courtesy of Wiki)


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