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The Fattening Room

Six beautiful young women from different parts of Africa embark on the journey of self-discovery in the picturesque city of Calabar. An age-old Efik tradition is given a modern twist. These feisty, modern, single women from Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana, South Africa, Zambia and Kenya are molded into ideal partners and they learn the secret to finding and keeping love.

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Season 1
  • Season 1 | Episode 1 
    Back In Time
    From an exotic Efik introduction, into idyllic village life, the ladies soon find out that entering the FATTING ROOM is not a trivial matter.
  • Season 1 | Episode 2 
    Gaining Up
    In Efik land the ladies discover that a massage is not therapy, and that meals are bigger than what they could possibly imagine.
  • Season 1 | Episode 3 
    A Royal Erik Visit: Part 1
    A visit from Efik royals bring color and an understanding of Efik tradition to the village.
  • Season 1 | Episode 4 
    An Efik Royal Visit: Part 2
    Continue: A visit from Efik royals bring colour and an understanding of Efik tradition to the village.
  • Season 1 | Episode 5 
    Done and Dusted
    The ladies leave village life behind to embrace greener pastures in a modern duplex setting. But to gain their natural comforts they have to sacrifice the personal affection of their ladies in waiting.
  • Season 1 | Episode 6 
    Style Me
    In an impromptu fashion parade from their suitcases, the ladies discover each other’s style.
  • Season 1 | Episode 7 
    Packing for Style
    From the suitcase to the runway, the ladies create their favorite looks in an impromptu pop-up fashion parade.
  • Season 1 | Episode 8 
    Future Self
    The ladies create vision boards and gain some insight into their future selves from a secret life coach.
  • Season 1 | Episode 9 
    Song Sung Blue: Part 1
    The ladies capture their unique essence in pen and express with a special guest.
  • Season 1 | Episode 10 
    Song Sung Blue: Part 2
    A star musician visits the girls and they perform.
  • Season 1 | Episode 11 
    Full House
    Mother’s or not, it’s all about caring for those a lot younger and needier than yourself. So the ladies learn, when they are tasked to teach classes at a local primary school.
  • Season 1 | Episode 12 
    The Magic in the Pot: Part 1
    From the fire, to the pot, to the table. The ladies prepare magic aromas in Efik style.
  • Season 1 | Episode 13 
    The Magic In The Pot: Part 2

    Season Finale: The Efik Royals are back for a traditional taste sensation.

Season 2
  • Season 2 | Episode 1 
    The Way to a Man's Heart - Part 1
    The ladies go all out to prove that the stomach leads to the heart. Whose meal will win a heart and whose will have their suitors wish for mom's home cooking instead? OFF TO THE MARKET!
  • Season 2 | Episode 2 
    The Way to a Man’s Heart Part 2
    Part 1 Cont.: The ladies continue to prove that the stomach leads to the heart, but can the men make room for all the food that is coming their way?
  • Season 2 | Episode 3 
    Dating in the Fast Lane
    Part 1 Cont.: The ladies continue to prove that the stomach leads to the heart, but can the men make room for all the food that is coming their way?
  • Season 2 | Episode 4 
    The State of the Heart
    The ladies hear about love, life and everything else from a relationship expert and learn the morning after if a match was made from the night before.
  • Season 2 | Episode 5 
    A Crafty Business
    It is said that that a mind to ease and a heart to please needs crafty hands. The ladies learn that arts and crafts do keep the hands busy and the mind steady.
  • Season 2 | Episode 6 
    Needles & Threads And Labels Of Love
    Threading a needle and cutting what fits has more than one lady in stitches and others in pain. They moaned and groaned… But finally there was something to wear and tear. Whose fashion is a label we’ll love?
  • Season 2 | Episode 7 
    Labels of Love
    The ladies get a lesson on the runway with an international model and fashion designer and model their home made dresses.
  • Season 2 | Episode 8 
    Of Lenses and Love
    An award-winning photographer puts the ladies through their paces as they learn that the camera does not lie and craves attention. In front of the lens they transform into otherworldly Efik princesses.
  • Season 2 | Episode 9 
    Snap Away
    Snapping away the ladies learn that a good picture takes 100% dedication and 200% trust.
  • Season 2 | Episode 10 
    Timeless Image
    The ladies transform into otherwordly EFIK princesses suspended in a moment of time in an image that is forever. They also get some news about a move no one is happy about.
  • Season 2 | Episode 11 
    Princess Prepare - Part I
    The ladies learn the last steps of the Ekombi dance and as they prepare for the ritual of their coming out ceremony, emotions are stirred.
  • Season 2 | Episode 12 
    Princesses Prepare Part 2
    It's near goodbyes and the last day in the fattening room and emotions run high.
  • Season 2 | Episode 13 
    The Coming Out
    The time has come to crown six ladies as they have become women who will please the world. They emerge princesses in full Efik regalia.