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Kenya Elements

Kenya Elements is a journey of re-discovery that unveils the traditional, long-forgotten, hidden and perhaps evolved ways in which Kenyans express themselves, independent of the now pervasive Western Influence – the authentic Kenya Elements.



Ruby is a Television Producer/ Director & Content developer with over 15 years in the Kenyan film & TV industry. She has worked in various capacities in documentary, feature film, TV Series and advertising. She was also a Founding member of the Kenya Film & Television Professional Association (KFTPA)

Ruby has a B.A. (Hons) in Communication Studies from Coventry University UK, Camera, Lighting & Editing Diploma from the Mohamed Amin Foundation (MoForce) NBO, and in Creative Entrepreneurship. Ruby is also an alumnus of the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy, Berlin, Germany.

Throughout her career, a major motivation has been to present an upbeat and refreshing face of Africa. Aiming to open dialogue and people's minds and perceptions, her use of media is to challenge. Through authentic stories, that are often led and informed by her own and other people's lives she explores the journeys through and to cultural identity.

Believing that there is always a story behind 'the story' she goes out to uncover and engage in that which brings about "the self-love that allows (all of) us to overflow love to others" which is perhaps the ultimate story.

Some of Ruby's recently favourite achievements are in making a couple of short positive films that showcased contemporary Kenya; one for the 2010 London Olympics and the other for the country's 50thAnniversary of Independence- Kenya's Golden Jubilee Dec 2013.