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Happy Family

Happy Family is about love and happiness. It features 4 married couples, from different backgrounds, each with their own unique set of circumstances and challenges that test the very essence of their respective relationships.

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Season 1
  • Season 1 | Episode 1 
    Money Moves
    Happy Family, featuring Mmabatho Montsho, is about four contemporary couples. One, Nigerian couple living in Texas, decides to leave to start a new life in South Africa with a promise of more money. They realize more money doesn’t equal more happiness.
  • Season 1 | Episode 2 
    New Your
    One of the enemies of happiness is Adaptation. James has to learn to adapt to his new life – new food, new lifestyle. New everything. What he wasn’t prepared for was the new changes to his marriage.
  • Season 1 | Episode 3 
    Dead Wrong
    The wife of the Chief Judge is murdered. Detective THEO, a local detective is convinced there is more to her death than meets the eyes. The chief of Police, Captain Muthuzanga warns him to steer clear off the case. Theo isn’t one to let things go.