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Before 30

Monday – 7:30pm

Four twenty-something Nigerian girlfriends struggle to balance their dreams and ambitions with traditional and societal pressures, including the one to get married before age 30.

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Season 1
  • Season 1 | Episode 8 
    Love or Stability?
    Temi’s mother intervenes to get Temi and Akin back together.  Nkem’s break up with Emeka triggers her on a downward spiral, and Temi tries to get to the bottom of it.  Meanwhile, Aisha and Sherif come head to head with the direction of their marriage.
  • Season 1 | Episode 7 
    The Finale
    Ayo comes back into Temi’s life and has a huge fight with a jealous Akin.   Temi is torn between the two.  Aisha and Sherif separate, with Aisha moving back to her parents’ home.   Emeka dumps Nkem, triggering her downward spiral.  Temi’s mother tries to get her and Akin back together.  At the end of the episode, Temi does make a choice but it’s not clear whether it’s Ayo or Akin.
  • Season 1 | Episode 6 
    Art is Love
    Temi and her friends each have their own private revelations while viewing art in a gallery.   Aisha and Sherif exhibit the unspoken tension in their marriage.  Nkem is stricken by her fear of falling deeply in love with her new boyfriend, Emeka.  Temi has an epiphany about her life and loves with every painting and sculpture she sees.    Art is powerful and personal but can be painful, too.
  • Season 1 | Episode 5 
    Messy Pants and Cleaning House
    Temi discovers that Akin is technically married to Ghanian woman whom he is divorcing.  Temi meets Akin’s wife and finds that she likes her.   This makes Akin’s meeting her parents more awkward.   To everyone’s surprise, Nkem recovers from her own heartbreak and enters into a serious relationship.
  • Season 1 | Episode 4 
    Love, Death and Marriage
    Temi starts a new relationship with Akin, a gorgeous, pro bono client from work.    Aisha returns early from a trip to Brazil with Sherif to support Ama, who has immersed herself in a pro-social, charitable activity.  Nkem suffers a devastating break up with a fashion model.
  • Season 1 | Episode 3 
    How Many Is Too Many?
    Temi’s mother takes a liking to David, which causes some awkward but comedic consequences when Temi breaks up with him.  Ama is in a dilemma over how much to share of her own romantic past with her current boyfriend.  Aisha and her husband Sherif face the standoff every couple confronts at  “that time of the month.”
  • Season 1 | Episode 2 
    Some Mother Do Have Em
    Temi bounces back by boldly asking out an attractive man named David.  Their chemistry together is undeniable.  He seems to have everything she wants:  good looks, good body, nice apartment…which he shares with his mother.   Temi discusses this with her girlfriends, but she is definitely having second thoughts.
  • Season 1 | Episode 1 
    Two Weddings and a Dream
    After attending a wedding with her boyfriend Ayo, Temi is sure he’s going to propose.  Instead, he breaks up with her.  Girlfriends Aisha, Ama and Nkem rally around to comfort her.  Temi makes a vow to herself to be married before she turns 30.  Now the countdown begins.