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Wednesday – 10pm

Africa on a Plate is a series that incorporates cooking with travel and culture hosted by up and coming young chef, Lentswe Bhengu.


Chef Lentswe Bhengu is on a culinary journey through Africa to find the perfect ingredients for great cuisine – the food and culture of Africa, inspired by people he encounters along the way. And then back in the kitchen he combines these elements into his own recipes, showing us how to do it, his way.

In this first season Bhengu travels throughout mostly South Africa, introducing viewers to the foods of his country, while also exploring the local culture along the way.

Lentswe will introduce a new dish that he’s about to try as he heads to each location. Helping him out will be a lineup of characters – from the country’s top chefs to its street food vendors; from its coastal fisherman to expert tour guides and even the average man on the street.

The teaching moment in each episode will happen when Lentswe takes us into his kitchen. Having gathered what he’s learned and adding a few of his own ingredients, he shows us how it’s done, his way.

By the end of each episode, viewers will have a new recipe and come away with a new appreciation for the people, culture and food that they would never have been aware of if not for Lentswe dishing out Africa On A Plate.