Hank Polonsky

Supervising Editor

Hank Polonsky, Supervising Editor

Hank Polonsky is currently the Supervising Editor at The Africa Channel. He is responsible for editorial style, story structure, and quality control for on air programs and promos.

Hank has been involved with The Africa Channel since its inception. He has edited and directed specials, comedy shows, and music programs for the channel.

Hank began his career by working with Woody Allen on several of Woody’s earlier films. Prior to working at TAC, he was president of Hanks Editorial. He edited TV commercials for clients such as Honda, Coke, Nike, AM/PM, Sega, and many others.

Hank has edited TV movies and plays for NBC and Showtime. He has directed 110 episodes of ‘Stand Up Spotlight’ for VH1 and rock star interviews for MTV.

At the Lifetime network he directed the live show, ‘Way Off Broadway’, starring Joy Behar and created cold openings with Larry David. Hank edited the pilot and was creative consultant on the CBS children’s series, ‘Beakman’s World’, which won numerous post-production awards, including an Emmy, a Monitor, an Ace, and an Ollie.