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10 Holiday Must-Haves

December 22, 2013

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By Nathaniel Simons, The Africa Channel

Last minute Christmas shopping?  Well, if you’re searching for some online buys to send a little culture to your loved ones, we suggest checking out these hot items!  And if you’ve already finished shopping, you might want to do a double-take and get a post-Holiday, feel-good present for yourself.

Which of these items is at the top of your holiday must-have list?

  1. Brown and Burnt Orange Batik Cushion (Urban Knit) – If you’re not too familiar with the process of making batik, it’s really interesting!  Candle wax is melted and patterned onto a piece of fabric, which is later dyed and dried.  It’s very popular in West Africa. (£ 29; approx. $47.38 US)
  2. Confession MacBook Case (Della) – Got a MacBook?  Ready to try a more expressive case?  Della cases are made from locally-sourced materials in Ghana.  They’re also vegan! ($38)
  3. Map of Africa Clock (Janine Jones Creations) – This beautifully-crafted African Ostrich eggshell clock will add a little sophistication to any Plain Jane’s wall. ($75)
  4. iPhone Case (Look Book) – If you’ve yet to switch to the Samsung Galaxy, think about adding a little pizzazz to your current iPhone case.  Plain black leather was so 2013. ($24.99)
  5. African Peacock Bangle (TheAfricanShop) – Where else are you going to find a “Peacock Bangle”? It’s unique, handmade and affordable.  We dare you to say “No.” ($13.42)
  6. Gold Tribal Headbands (Menogu Designs) – You remember back in 2010, when headbands were the new sunglasses?  Well, they’re making a resurgence at an affordable price! Check out this expressive headwear.  ($7.00) Available on the Menogu Website: or on Etsy:
  7. Leather and Brass Appliqué Necklace (Soko) – If you want to stand out in a bold yet refined way, this necklace will do it!  Soko takes a tribal yet modern aesthetic to this necklace.  It’s a little pricier, but definitely worth it, right? ($75)
  8. Long Walk to Freedom Autobiography – There’s probably no better way to pay respects to the late Nelson Mandela than reading his autobiographical journey.  So before checking out director Justin Chadwick’s film version starring Idris Elba, read the book that it inspired it all!  The book chronicles Mandela’s early life, coming of age story, and 27 years in prison. ($14.17)
  9. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah – Being featured in Beyoncé songs isn’t Adichie’s only achievement.  She’s also a world-class author. Americanah, her 2013 release, is a love-story set in stratified proportions. It’s a must-read! ($16.81)
  10. Bakongo African Wax Print Bow Tie (Joustshop) – This tie is inspired by the Bakongo people of Brazzaville, Congo. This handmade tie merges African flavor with subtle traditionalism.  Ready to up your style? ($45.00)


Twitter: @NathanielSimons



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