• Getaway to Africa
    Travel. Lifestyle. Culture.
    Fridays 10pm E

    Getaway to Africa Episode 13: The Wild Horses of Garub Appropriately ending this epic three-month journey with the way it began – with horses – Justin fulfills another promise and returns to visit the wild horses of Garub in Klein Aus.
  • Exploring the Vine
    Travel. Lifestyle. Culture.
    Saturdays 9pm E

    Exploring the Vine Episode 2: Blood, Sweat & Tears Will James, Howard & Stuart be ready for what Mother Nature has to throw at them with wildfires sweeping across neighboring farms?
  • Marley Africa Road Trip
    Travel. Lifestyle. Culture.
    Fridays, 9pm EST

    Marley Africa Road Trip Episode 3 The Marley brothers embark on their intensely personal motorcycle trek through South Africa.
  • A Man's Story
    Mondays, 8pm E and Sundays, 10pm E

    The Story of Lover’s Rock Lover’s Rock or ‘romantic reggae’ is a uniquely black British sound from the 70s and 80s. Live performances and interviews shed light on a forgotten period of British music history.
  • Africa Journal
    Travel. Lifestyle. Culture.
    New Day and Time! Sundays, 7pm E

    Africa Journal is a weekly news magazine that covers news and newsmakers from across the African continent.

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